Magic Mushroom Substrate kit XL | Mondo® Grow Box XL


Mondo® Substrate Grow Box makes it possible to grow fresh mushrooms in a matter of weeks. The kit contains everything you need to start cultivation, you add the spores and you choose how to grow.

What is a Mondo® Grow Box?

The Mondo® Grow Box contains a better PF TEK or BRF substrate in a compartment with infusion port. Mondo® Grow Box, is a definitive mushroom develop insight without the issue of making substrate.

The Mondo® Grow Box contains 2100c c/ml of cleaned substrate. The infusion port makes it simple to infuse your mushroom spores. This way you can immunize the Mondo® Grow Box with any spores you like


Mondo® Grow Box Includes:

  • Spawn box with sterilized substrate 2100 cc
  • Hypodermic syringe
  • Liquid Culture
  • Alcohol Swab
  • Instructions

You will need:

  •  An disinfected area to work
  •  Spores; a Ready to use Spore Syringe or Inoculated Liquid Culture vial
  •  Clean / Drinkable Water
  •  Waterspray / Misting bottle

Grow With Spores

You can pick your mushroom spores from a determination of spores vials we incorporate to the item. The mushroom spores vials accompany a 20% markdown whenever purchased along with the Mondo® Grow Box.

Why spore vials?

The spore vials are a unique way of handling spores, we prefer them over spore syringes for a few reasons:

  • Non Static: no spores sticking to vail
  • Easier to Handle
  • Better shelf-life and storage

Grow with Liquid Culture

You can infuse the spores in the Mondo® Liquid culture and let the spores grow here. The mycelium fills in the Liquid culture vial. Utilizing Liquid Culture will fortify the mycelium, abbreviates the colonization time and gives a higher achievement rate.


Continuously store your substrate pack in a perfect cooler ! We prescribe to utilize the substrate pack as quickly as time permits. The unit can be held under refrigerated conditions for as long as 2 months.

Mondo® Substrate Grow Box Instructions

Before you start. Ensure your workspace is perfect and sterile. Ensure there is no draft assuming you develop mushrooms.

Clean up and arms each time prior to taking care of the mushroom substrate pack with hand sanitizer or antibacterial cleanser. As additional security utilize cleaned gloves and a facial covering.

How about we begin and do the initial step: Inoculate the fluid culture. To infuse spores from a spore needle straightforwardly you can avoid this progression and continue on the “Immunization of the Substrate pack”.


Prepare the Liquid Culture

Wash your hands and clean the working area! .

  1. Shake the spore vial or syringe very good to make sure all spores are floating.
  2. Disinfect the injection site of the liquid culture and the spore vial or syringe with the alcohol swap.
  3. Inject 2 ml of spore solution in the Liquid culture

Shake the vaccinated fluid culture energetically once per day consistently for 10 days Store the immunized fluid culture in a spot between 23-27 degrees Celsius. The fluid culture is prepared when you see a cloud drifting in the suspension. This is mycelium..

Your Liquid culture is prepared, It is known as the Master Culture, whenever utilized and put away appropriately you can have heaps of mycelium from just a touch of spores..f colonization.



  • If the liquid is murky, it means there is a contamination and the culture is unusable.
  • If you don’t use the liquid culture for 10 days, store it in the refrigerator

Inoculation of the Mondo® Substrate kit

Spread out every one of the materials you really want on a cleaned work area. You will require:

Mondo®Grow Box substrate pack
Mushroom spore needle or Liquid Culture with sprouted mushroom spores,
Infuse the needle of the needle into the port. Add 2-3 drops of mushroom spore arrangement in each edge of the substrate and in the mushroom substrate sack.
A lighter or soul burner
Liquor prepares
Sanitizer splash

Set up your mushroom spore needle with 5-10 ml of spore arrangement or utilize 25 ml of the Liquid Culture. This is an adequate number of spores to immunize the Mondo® Grow Box substrate.

Find the infusion port on the substrate sack. Clean it with a liquor prep.
Presently get your spore needle or Liquid Culture needle and hotness the needle, scorching, with a lighter to make it sterile. Allow the needle to chill for a couple of moments.
Infuse the needle of the needle into the port. Add all of the mushroom spore arrangement in the substrate pack.
Turn and Shake the pack 360 degrees every which way , to spread the spore suspension.
Store the pack in a dull spot with a temperature between 23-27 degrees Celsius.

After vaccination the mycelium will frame and gradually develop over the substrate. This is the course of colonization.



To allow the mycelium to develop and colonize the substrate you should keep the Mondo® Grow Box in a dim space with a temperature between 23 – 27 degrees Celsius.

Following 3-5 days you will see the mycelium beginning to develop from the spots were the spores were dropped. The mycelium looks like cotton and turns out to be more wiry while creating and colonizing the mushroom substrate.

It requires 2 a month for the mycelium to colonize the substrate in the crate. No vacant spots of substrate should be left..

Stand by an extra 5-7 days to ensure within the substrate is colonized by the spores as well. Since mushrooms substrate is completely covered by the mycelium the pack is fit to be ready for fruiting.


Growing mushrooms from the Mondo® Grow Box

At the point when the substrate is completely colonized the fruiting system can be begun. The time has come to develop mushrooms!
First clean up and tidy up the workspace.

Presently get the mushroom substrate box:

Open the side of the top and fill the develop pack with cold faucet water until it’s full.
Close the cover and let is absorb a virus place for 9-12 hours. This should be possible in the cooler
Following 9-12 hours channel all water out of the unit, by opening the cover a bit and poor the water out.
Add 150 ml of clean water to the develop pack (channel sack)

Put the pre-arranged substrate in the fruiting pack. This sack shapes your develop chamber.

Fog the develop chamber to get the dampness up. Continuously splash against the sides of the fruiting pack, never on the substrate or mushrooms.
Close the develop sack by holding the best a couple of times and fix it with a clasp.

Pick a warm and brilliant spot for the pack. Try not to put the develop unit in direct daylight. Ideal temperature is 23 – 27 degrees Celsius. Keep the fruiting chamber soggy, by splashing water each 2 (two) days.

The primary pins, miniature mushrooms, can show up inside a few days and as long as about fourteen days. Invigorate the air 1-3 times each day by opening the develop sack, letting C02 out , and shutting the pack with loads of outside air inside.


Harvest from the MONDO® Grow Box

At the point when the mushrooms are developed gather them for the assortment of the spores or other use

Gather the mushrooms once the covers of the mushrooms are completely open. Pick them with a slight wind, counter clockwise.

Re-hydrate by drenching the pack after the collect to make another flush of mushrooms.



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