monkey head mushroom


Organic Monkey’s head – Hericium erinaceus – outdoor spawn-bag

monkey head mushroom [Hericium erinaceus] is a palatable mushroom and restorative mushroom in the tooth growth bunch. It very well may be distinguished by its propensity to develop every one of the spines out from one gathering (instead of branches), long spines and its appearance on hardwoods. Despite the fact that it is filling in Europe, it isn’t notable. For its novel tasty taste and the exceptionally improving coral-like look the lion’s mane mushroom gets increasingly more a looked for part of nouvelle cooking. Out in the nature, Hericium erinaceus can be found in deciduous backwoods of Europe, North America and Asia (specifically in China and Japan).

Bring forth is generally made new on request. Creation time: 2 to 3 weeks.
This item is new produce and ought to be handled immediatly after conveyance.
On the off chance that the item can’t be handled immediatley, it tends to be put away in the refrigerator for a limit of about fourteen days. buy monkey head mushroom online, buy hedgehog mushroom online, order bearded tooth mushroom online, buy monkey mushroom online

Organic Monkey’s Head 

Ready colonised culture for mushrooms bed/patches
Certified for organic mushroom cultivation.
(Organic control station: AT-BIO-301, Austria Bio Garantie)
1 autoclave-bag approx. 3 kg – 6 liter
Price: from 16,90 €

Your get promptly colonized wood substrate for spreading out a mushroom fix. Reasonable for amateurs.
Mass sums for business developing on demand.

Spreading out a mushroom fix with wood it is exceptionally simple to colonize mushrooms. The ideal time is spring, when there is no more night ice not out of the ordinary. The foundation of the fix comprises of wood chips of hardwoods like poplar, oak, birch, aspen, maple, birch, debris, beech, willow or elm. Delicate woods are not reasonable for mushroom development.


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