Short Dated Magic Mushroom Grow Kit


Get yourself a decent arrangement on these develop units. The best before date is drawing near and we would rather not squander them and discard them when the opportunity arrives *

* Please note that no refund or replacement are possible on these short date growkits.

All our mycelium develop units are requested from proficient providers that produce the growkits newly for our benefit. Shipment to us is for the time being in particular cooled transport and inside two hours after we have recieved the packs, the develop units are marked and put away in our modern estimated cooled environment rooms.



Why are these kits so low in price, is something wrong with them?

No nothing is wrong with these kits. They are just getting close to their best before the date.


How does Magic Mushrooms Shop know the best before date?

At the point when we get the develop packs from our provider, Magic Mushrooms Shop marks the develop units with the weeknumber from that week. The best before date from our develop units is a month and a half after this weeknumber. The development cycle from our develop packs ought to be started within these a month and a half.


How do I know the best before date?

The develop packs have stickers on the case. The sticker with two numbers shows the weeknumber Magic Mushrooms Shop has got this unit.


Which grow kit will I receive?

We will send you the develop unit that has been in our capacity longer than others. We will pick one for you so… shock suprise! There is one more sticker on the case that shows which strain you have gotten.


Can I store the short dated magic mushroom grow kit in the fridge to grow it later?

No. Start immediately. Assuming you have it transported to an alternate location, package point or postoffice, get it quickly so you can begin developing. Try not to hang tight for quite a long time, that is the entire thing with short dated stock: there isn’t a lot of time left to begin!


Which growing instructions should I follow?

You could get a develop unit from one of three organizations that have their own developing guidelines which is diffrent from the others. The short dated growkit you get will be set apart with one of the accompanying codes to show which instructions you should utilize:


MD (Mondo®) -> download instructions


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