Sporemate Galindoi spores vial



Sporemate vial Galindoi (Georgia)

Sporemate Galindoi spores

Productive sclerotia (a.k.a. truffles or Philopsher Stones) produce at a wide scope of temperatures (70 to 79 F). The most lenient sclerotia-creating strain in our assortment. Sporemate Galindoi spores

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Delivers early, bountiful, exceptionally enormous sclerotia on rye grass seed, rice, and numerous different grains. Albeit somewhat trickier than cubensis to organic product, it’s fit for sensible mushroom creation in cased plate. Doesn’t create bountiful sclerotia in the packaging

Vial vs. Syringes

Spore vials are better than the spore needles in many fields. Obtain the best outcomes while developing Mexicana wizardry mushrooms with this quality spore vial. Utilizing spore vials will bring about a higher achievement rate in the colonization and fruiting interaction.


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